Sign Language Interpreter steals show from rapper, Twista

Rapper, Twista recently performed in North Carolina. Twista holds the Guinness World Record of fastest rapper of all time. For this show Twista, was accompanied by American Sign Language, Amber Galloway Gallego. She is knowingly famous for her interpretation of music. She has performed for artists such as Lady Gaga, the Black Keys and Cher, and she managed to steal the show from rapper, Twista. In 2014, Amber was credited as the "Jay-Z of of Hip Hop sign language. 

Her  recent performance with Twista gained the same attention. Amber has used her platform to advocate for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. She believes that there should be more inclusion, within the arts. Amber also expressed that she is hard of hearing and believes she will eventually be deaf. She believes that what she does is about breaking down barriers to allow for equal access to that experience. Amber stated  "I want my legacy to be that in the entertainment field that deaf people don't have to fight for access, that we will pave the road to having people access to all things entertainment." 



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