What we Do

Our unique program focuses on granting access for residents of Assisted Living, Nursing & Rehab, and other care facilities with therapeutic recreational activities and events. We personally deliver leisure activities in our Access Granted bags, and provide a recreational therapy event(s) for them to participate in. 

Each Access Granted bags is filled with activities like adult coloring books, decks of cards, journals,  word puzzles books, and more. Our recreational events are created in relation to the many elements of holistic wellness, which help build different parts of your overall quality of life and well-being. These elements include: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive.
We invite you to get involved in our Access Program Program by: 
Sponsoring an Access Granted Pop up 
Donating Items
Please contact us at info@recandchill.com for more information.
and or by donating here.  



Recreational activities enrich our lives in so many ways. Consider all of your favorite activities and how they make life better. Think about why they are enjoyable and what life would be like without them.

As we age, or become disabled, it may be difficult to enjoy our favorite activities that were once effortless. These are only a few of the reasons  people give up doing things they once enjoyed, and where our program shows how recreation affects all aspects of life.