RT's in Business

Check out the following Recreational Therapists who have branched out into thriving businesses. 

Taylor Hooker is the owner of The RT Tutor, through her business helps you to achieve your personal goals. Whether studying for a professional exam or needing career coaching, she is thrilled to be there on the journey with you.
Rec Therapy Today, has been providing online CEUs for Rec Therapists since 2007. Danny Pettry is the creator of the Rec Therapy Today brand. He’s always looked for pioneering ways to bring Continuing Education to recreational therapists everywhere for more than a decade.

And he’s committed to doing that today as well as moving ahead.




Our mission at SMART CEUs Hub is simple…   “To bridge the gap in Recreational Therapy education after graduation.”

We accomplish this by providing the best Recreational Therapy continuing education opportunities taught by Recreational Therapy experts on demand and at affordable prices to the largest audience of Recreational Therapists in the industry. Nathan Lamaster is the owner and founder.



Megan Young, creator of Grow through Flow utilizes her blog to share leisure education, holistic self-care & intentional living tips. She also provides CEU courses and inspirational speaking.